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Highest energy standards

CALOSTAT® high-performance insulation material from Evonik can be used in a variety of ways: in the facades of new buildings, for interior or exterior refurbishment, or in specialty applications. One example is provided by an apartment block in Switzerland, which CALOSTAT® elevates to the highest energy standard.

The apartment block in Muri in the Swiss canton of Bern has been certified to Minergie standard. This registered trademark for sustainable construction belongs to the Bern-headquartered Verein Minergie and is the highest energy standard in Switzerland for low-energy buildings. The building attains its energy standard by, among other things, the use of CALOSTAT® in the facade.

CALOSTAT® was used in the window lintels (external blinds) and in the parapet area of the balconies. Before delivery to the construction site the panels were fabricated and accurately cut to size. Due to the different lintel und parapet lengths of the windows, the lengths of the elements were also adjusted during installation at the site. The panels were secured to the base with dowels and then covered with metal sheeting. CALOSTAT® high-performance insulation panels have a compressive strength exceeding 90 kPa; they contain no fungicides, algicides, or pesticides and are therefore perfectly safe for use. Cutting of the panels at the installation site is simple and does not affect the quality of the abutting edges.

The purely mineral raw material also offers other advantages: CALOSTAT® is classified as a class A (non-combustible) building material, does not react with other composite materials, and contains no ingredients that promote fogging. In contrast to most fossil insulation materials, the panels are fully recyclable.