Value Chain & Products

Supply Chain & Raw Materials

We have a significant influence on society and the environment through our procurement volume. We are aware of this responsibility. By selecting suppliers carefully, we do not simply secure and increase their sustainability standards, we also enhance the quality of the entire value chain.

High sustainability standards in our supply chain

We focus on validating and evaluating suppliers and we specifically monitor certain raw materials. These include renewable raw materials and those where there is a potential supply risk or reputational risk. We have implemented strategic procurement concepts and management systems for these “critical raw materials” ,whose availability is vital for our production processes.

Purchasing volume in 2017

In 2017, we sourced raw materials and supplies, technical goods, services, energy, and other operating supplies with a total value of around €9.1 billion from around 34,000 suppliers. Local sourcing (defined as deliberate procurement from sources that are geographically close to our production sites) accounted for around 77 percent of this amount. 60 percent of procurement volume comprised raw materials and supplies. Spending on petrochemical feedstocks was around €3.6 billion and accounted for 66 percent of our raw material base.