SDG 11

Sustainable cities and communities

Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


Urbanization is a global phenomenon: While in the middle of the 20th century just 30 percent of people lived in the urban centers of the world, this has now increased to more than 50 percent and by 2030 the number of city dwellers is predicted to rise to about 5 billion. Already there are more than 30 megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants.
Companies play a very important role when it comes to designing livable and sustainable cities in order to develop energy and climate efficient structures that can be used for many years in the future. 

Examples of our contributions

  • Building protection: In the area of building protection, silanes give buildings and heritage-listed facades a previously unattainable level of durability. They stop water and the pollutants dissolved in water penetrating the structure. They offer surface, graffiti, and corrosion protection. As a result, considerable energy and maintenance costs for buildings, bridges, and other structures can be saved over the complete life cycle.
  • High performance insulation materials from Evonik are efficient, nonflammable and fully recyclable.
  • Plastics from Evonik meet high demands for fire safety. The corresponding molding compounds for cables and cable ducts can be used inside and outside .