SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


More people globally are expected to join the middle class over the next two decades. Consumption of goods will grow and it will also increase demand for already constrained natural resources. If we don’t act to change our consumption and production patterns and take steps towards more sustainable consumption and resource-conserving and energy-efficient production, we will cause irreversible damage to our environment.

Examples of our contribution

  • We are a member of the initiative “Together for Sustainability (TfS)” and ensure that our suppliers comply with sustainability standards.
  • We increase the share of renewable raw materials wherever this is practical from technical, economic, ecological, and social aspects
  • We continuously work towards achieving more with fewer raw materials.
  • We generate about half our sales with products that make a demonstrable contribution towards improved resource efficiency in use. We provide our customers with resource-conserving and energy-efficient solutions with which they can improve their ecological footprint and stand out from the competition in a positive light.

Our Targets

  • Conduct at least 20 supplier audits under the shared audit principle of the Together for Sustainability initiative.

Target attainment: We conducted 26 audits in 2019

  • Contimue the supplier analysis by reviewing at least 80 TfS assessments.

Target attainment: We conducted more than 100 TfS assessments.

  • Evaluate the sustainability performance of 90 percent of suppliers of critical raw materials by 2020.

Status in 2019: 92 percent

New target by year-end 2025: cover 100 percent of all raw materials suppliers where annual procurement volume is > € 100 thousand to be covered by TfS assessments