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Social commitment has a firm place in Evonik’s corporate culture and our understanding of values. We regard it as our contribution to the sustainable development of society. 

Essentially, we make a distinction between donations and sponsorship activities. Our active responsibility and the personal commitment of our employees around the world provide important social impetus in and around our sites.

How we live our social commitment

Our sponsorship is aligned to Evonik’s four competencies- creativity, specialization, self-renewal, and reliability. We normally only sponsor projects and initiatives to fit our core brand. Moreover, our aim is to foster the positives development of society through our sites around the world. Within binding strategic guidelines, our operating units therefore support projects tailored to the regions and sites where they operate. The work of the Evonik Foundation is an important element in how we put our social responsibility into practice. In keeping with its mission, this company-related foundation focuses its activities on four principal themes: young people, only provides scholarships and donations for projects and organizations based in Germany. In addition to this, it implements its own projects.

Overall, Evonik concentrates its social commitment on the following areas: 

Education and science

Education and science are prerequisites for the progress and prosperity of society as a whole. Evonik Foundation therefore support education at all levels – from preschool, elementary and secondary school to university degrees (including doctoral degrees), as well as vocational and specialist training. For many years, we have also been involved in programs that give young people opportunities to prepare for work

Social projects

Intact communities and solidarity makes societies viable and worth living in. One special goal is therefore supporting people in difficult circumstances. We therefore provide funding for the Evonik Foundation, for example to enable it to initiate and support projects and initiatives for refugees. In addition, the Evonik Group provides humanitarian assistance in the wake of natural catastrophes.

The arts

Our commitment to culture and the arts has grown out of our core competency “creativity”. We are convinced that encounters with culture and the arts contribute to the ongoing development of society, and foster diversity and open and tolerant co-existence- values that we live daily in our company.


Sport creates bonds that transcend cultural, social and language barriers. It foster tolerance and respect and therefore makes a contribution to peaceful coexistence. Evonik therefore supports both popular sports activities, and elite sports.

Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2018

Would you like to find out more? Download our current Sustainability Report here.

Sustainability Report 2018  (pdf, 7.53 MB)

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