ZEOFREE® PLUS 5782 silicon dioxide has a small particle size and is highly absorptive, which provides anti-caking and improved flow properties for both food and industrial powders requiring a high degree of protection. Moisture, pressure, temperature, static charge, fat and oil content all adversely affect your powdered and granulated products during production, processing, storage and customer use. They can make your products cake, lump, bridge, clog equipment and give you packaging and performance issues. Evonik provides solutions to improve the flow behavior and storage stability of powders with specialty engineered anti-caking & free-flow agents and carriers. Through advanced controlled structure technology and custom application development, Evonik can provide the optimal solution for your application. Our proven conditioning agents and carriers are non-deleterious, odorless and tasteless powders that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Scope of Application

Improved flow properties Offers faster production rates and increased capacity Reduced production downtime and maintenance Improved product quality and consistency Improved package weight accuracy Decreases caking and lumping

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