Alkyl & aryl (meth)acrylates


    VISIOMER®Terra IBOA (Isobornyl Acrylate) is a monofunctional acrylate monomer used for polymerization and copolymerization in emulsion and solution. It exhibit low viscosity and act as reactive diluent. Used in radiation curing formulations.


    VISIOMER® BNMA (Benzyl methacrylate) is an aromatic mono-functional methacrylate. Exhibit low viscosity and act as reactive diluent to provide excellent solvancy in adhesive, inks and coating formulations.      

  • VISIOMER® C18-22-MA

    VISIOMER® C18-22-MA is a monofunctional methacrylate monomer with low volatility and a long, hydrophobic side chain. It imparts flexibility, chemical resistance, low shrinkage, hydrophobicity, adhesion, weather resistance, water resistance to polymers.


    VISIOMER® c-HMA (Cyclohexl methacrylate) is a cycloaliphatic monomer with low viscosity. It is used as building block to formulate polymers with very good weathering and chemical resistance.


    VISIOMER® EHMA (2-Ethylhexyl methacrylate) is a hydrophobic monomer with low Tg, low shrinkage and low viscosity. Provides flexibility and excellent dilution / solvancy power. Used to make a wide range of polymers for diverse applications.


    VISIOMER® IDMA (Isodecyl methacrylate) is a hydrophobic monomer with low shrinkage and low Tg. It has excellent diluting power providing low viscosity. Its low Tg provides extreme softness to polymers.

  • VISIOMER® Terra C13-MA

    VISIOMER® Terra C13-MA (methacrylic ester 13.0) improves water repellency and resistance against polar solvents, and is typically used to increase the hydrophobicity of resins. It is based on raw materials recovered from natural oils.  

  • VISIOMER® Terra C17.4-MA

    VISIOMER®Terra C17,4-MA (methacrylic ester 17.4) is a long alkyl chain methacrylate monomer with low Tg. Typically used to enhance hydrophobicity of resins. Also employed as flexibilizer and internal plasticizer in coatings and reactive resins applications. It is based on raw materials recovered from natural oils.  


    VISIOMER®Terra IBOMA is bulky side chain alkyl methacrylate monomer with very high Tg. It provide polymers with reduced viscosity , thus allow for a high solids content.