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  • ULTRASIL® - reinforcing fillers for the rubber industry [Product line with 17 products]
  • UNI-CAL® 866

    UNI-CAL® 866 Industrial Machine Colorants are closely controlled machine dispensable dispersions compatible with a variety of non-aqueous industrial and maintenance coatings. The broad compatibility range of these colorants allows the coatings manufacturer to reduce the number of special pigment dispersions normally required for tinting many special chemical coatings. The solvent in these colorants is a low aromatic, fast-evaporating, Rule 66-type solvent.

  • UniTone®

    UniTone® is a cosmetic active ingredient designed for an even skin complexion featuring the IneoCell® Delivery Technology. It can provide visible brightening effects by decreasing tyrosinase activity and reducing the skin's intra- and extracellular melanin levels.