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  • Amino Acids for Pharma [Product line with 3 products]
  • ELATUR [Product line with 2 products]
  • EPODIL [Product line with 14 products]
  • Ether methacrylates


  • Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide

    • CAS name: Phosphonium, ethyltriphenyl-, bromide
    • CAS number: 1530-32-1
    • Formula: C20H20BrP
    • Code: TEP
    • Synonyms: Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide
    Triphenylethylphosphonium bromide
    • Molecular weight: 371.26 g/mol
    • Related reactions: Phosphonium salts and phosphoranes
    Wittig Reactions 

  • Ethyltriphenylphosphonium chloride

    • CAS name: Phosphonium, ethyltriphenyl-, chloride
    • CAS number: 896-33-3
    • Formula: C20H20ClP
    • Code: ETC
    • Synonyms: Ethyltriphenylphosphonium chloride
    Triphenylethylphosphonium chloride
    • Molecular weight: 326.81 g/mol
    • Related reactions: Phosphonium salts and phosphoranes
    Wittig Reactions   

  • Ethyltriphenylphosphonium iodide

    • CAS name: Phosphonium, ethyltriphenyl-, iodide
    • CAS number: 4736-60-1
    • Formula: C20H20IP
    • Code: EPJ
    • Synonyms: Ethyltriphenylphosphonium iodide
    Phenylphosphonium ethyl iodide Triphenylethylphosphonium iodide
    • Molecular weight: 418.26 g/mol
    • Related reactions: Phosphonium salts and phosphoranes
    Wittig Reactions   


    Sustained-release Colon Drug Delivery

  • EUDRAGIT® [Product line with 22 products]

    The EUDRAGUARD® toolbox delivers solutions for improved bioavailability, ingredient protection and targeted pH dependent delivery:

    • EUDRAGUARD® protect for taste and odor masking, moisture protection, protection from light and oxidation
    • EUDRAGUARD® control for enteric release, sustained-release and gastro retention
    • EUDRAGUARD® biotic for targeted colonic delivery, preventing adverse side effects such as substrate reflux
    • EUDRAGUARD® natural as maize starch-based polymer for taste and odor masking


    Time Controlled Drug Delivery Technology Plattform Providing a Wide Variety of Release Profiles


    Pulsatile Drug Delivery with Variable lag Times


    films and sheets made of PC, PPSU and PA


    EUROPLEX® HC Films are PMMA films that are co-extruded with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), in which the fluoropolymer is located on the surface. Both polymers are inextricably bonded in the film. The films are transparent and UV protective, with excellent weather resistance and anti-soiling effect. The PVDF layer provides outstanding resistance to chemicals and a stain-resistant surface, which is easy to clean. The PMMA side can be printed with customary color systems and bonds well with a wide range of substrates.  


    Sheets made of polycarbonate with a dissipative surface. EUROPLEX® SDX glazing protects electronic components against ESD damage and explosions caused by ESD sparking, und prevents particle contamination.

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