The Raw Material for Secure Online Trading

Many consumers today purchase books, shoes, cell phones, computers, and electrical appliances over the internet and have the goods conveniently delivered to their doorstep in cardboard boxes. Paper adhesive strips are often used to seal the box and ensure that the valuable contents withstand transportation and arrive in good condition. These strips often contain VESTOPLAST® adhesive polymer from Evonik Industries.

With bedtime reading selected from an eBookstore, new shoes ordered in three mouse clicks, and a cell phone won in an online auction, online shopping is now a way of life for many consumers. Ecommerce Europe, a European e-commerce association, estimates sales from European internet commerce in the year 2012 at €305 billion, as opposed to €254 billion in 2011. Goldman Sachs estimates global internet sales in 2012 at US$820.5 billion, which is about €627.7 billion. The most popular internet sales items are consumer electronics, audio and video storage media, telecommunication devices, cell phones, and computers.

As internet commerce grows, so too does the market for packaging. "For about three years, we've been seeing rising demand for our paper strips due to increasing internet trade," reports Hans-Albert Hoppe, head of Procurement at Neubronner in Oberursel, a company producing laminated, glass-fiber reinforced paper strips as adhesive tape for packaging. A special hot melt adhesive, consisting of up to 80 percent VESTOPLAST® from Evonik Industries, ensures tear-resistantbonding. The sheets for the adhesive strips are coated with a base polymer and then glass-fiber reinforcement is incorporated.

Secure adhesion in the desert and at the North Pole

The product has certain advantages: The paper strips are resistant to both heat and cold. This means that whether the packages smolder in the summer heat under the tarpaulin of a truck or the paper strips secure a package containing fish in a refrigerated lorry, the adhesive holds up. "Thanks to VESTOPLAST® our adhesive strips work in the desert and at the North Pole," says Hoppe. The fact that the adhesive is not affected by temperature also protects the contents from unauthorized access.Because the strips cannot be removed without leaving visible marks, any attempt to tamper with the package is immediately obvious. And, although made of paper, the tapes are absolutely tear-proof due to their glass-fiber reinforcement. The strips are easily recycled after use. "Our company and our paper suppliers' plants all have certification from the Forest Stewardship Council," says Hoppe. The label of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an NGO, testifies to the use of forests in accordance with social, economic, and ecological needs and responsible handling of recycling materials.

The Neubronner firm also rates VESTOPLAST® highly for its easy processability. It has no strong odor and, due to its inherent tack, allows processing over a wide temperature range.

Great market potential

"Following its favorable experience with VESTOPLAST® in adhesive strips, Neubronner is now also using it for its recently developed paper carrier bags with integrated polyester filaments," reports Benjamin Menzebach of Customer Relations in Adhesive Resins at Evonik. The hot melt adhesive holds the two paper layers of the bag together. The bag is absolutely tear-proof and, with a load capacity of eight kilograms, extremely sturdy, and can be used over a long period. What's more, the VESTOPLAST® containing hot melt also forms a barrier to moisture, which means the bag does not soften, even in rain. It is nevertheless 100 percent recyclable.

Even in conventional shopping, consumers can benefit from the advantages of packaging containing VESTOPLAST®.

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