Water Treatment

Drinking water needs to meet the highest purity standards.

However, on its way to the consumer clean water may become contaminated by heavy metals as it passes through metal pipes. A special polyphthalamide (PPA) from Evonik replaces typical brass components, thus ensuring a supply of unpolluted water.

It is ideally suited for applications in which metals have traditionally been used - for example as the base material for water filter housings or as a valve or regulator in sanitary fittings. In addition to corrosion resistance, the material offers advantages like design freedom and a reduction of the component weight. The product meets the demand for plastics certified for drinking water with high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical properties such as rigidity and strength.

So that clean water can be recovered from wastewater, flocculants based on amino methacrylates from Evonik that are used in the treatment process quickly help separate even the finest pollutant particles from the water.