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Cleaning Products

Evonik is a leading manufacturer of raw materials and additives for care and cleaning products for laundry and household applications.

The additives are produced for industrial and institutional facilities, and for car care. The unique product portfolio combines a wide range of organic and organosilicone-based specialties through to system solutions and tailored products.

For example, hydrogen peroxide solutions are used in various special areas, such as industrial cleaners or commercial laundries. Bonded hydrogen peroxide in the form of perborates, percarbonate, persulfate, and percarbamide is especially important in detergents and cleaning products. The crystalline, powdery substances are easy to handle and release hydrogen peroxide only in solution; they are also environmentally friendly and protect fibers.

Whether you want soft and cuddly garments, bright and shiny automobiles after the car wash or hygienically clean surfaces in hospitals and in the food industry, many areas of our modern lives would be incomplete without the products from Evonik. Long-chained esterquats from Evonik are used throughout the world as raw materials for fabric softeners and also ensure that automobiles don't come out of the car wash wet but are dry and shiny.

Amphoteric surfactants ensure hygienically clean surfaces to keep people healthy; while bacteria, mold and viruses don't stand a chance against the environmentally friendly biocides from Evonik.