Road Markings

Growing mobility and an ever greater volume of traffic on the roads make it essential to have highly visible and safe traffic-guidance systems.

Good safety markings are a key element in road safety. Road markings guide pedestrians, cyclists, cars, trolley cars and buses and help keep them safe. They play a particularly important role in guiding traffic when fog, rain, or darkness impairs visibility.

Road traffic regulations define safety markings as traffic signage, and such signage makes a significant contribution toward achieving road safety because it lowers the risk of accidents. For more than 50 years the MMA (methyl methacrylate)-based reaction resins manufactured by Evonik have increasingly helped make safety markings more visible and roads safer.

Apart from the traditional colored bike path markings, surface markings for all traffic applications are possible where potential hazards (e.g., traffic circles) or zones (e.g., bus lanes or special parking zones) are to be highlighted. The hazard potential can also be reduced by improving the anti-skidding properties of the marked surface.