Evonik has an idea of what the future will be like.

In terms of plastics, the company is developing sustainable solutions for reaching goals that are consistent with the megatrends of resource efficiency and globalization. Plastics have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Automobiles and airplanes, computers, phones, and TV, the construction industry, sport, and leisure, not to mention the entire packaging industry, would be almost inconceivable without them.

They make major contributions in the areas of food and hygiene and, of course, modern medicine. Recently, another important fact that has come to the foreground is that plastics are exceptionally energy efficient. For example, they offer major benefits in thermal insulation for buildings and in the lightweight, but sturdy design of cars, buses, trains, and planes.

Evonik also has a legend among the plastics in its portfolio - highly innovative and a material for creative designers. Whether it be for shop fit-outs, building glazing, noise-proofing, aquariums, or in the advertising industry - PLEXIGLAS® or ACRYLITE® in the Americas,  provides the tailored, durably brilliant solution.