The traditional TV tube is a thing of the past: These days more and more large flat screens are sold for computers and TVs.

Electronic-quality monosilane from Evonik is particularly in demand for applications in thin-film photovoltaics, flat screens, and semi-conductors.

Silanes from Evonik are key components in the manufacture of ultra-pure silicon, an important raw material in the solar and electronics industries. In the manufacture of flat screens, Siridion® brand ultra-pure monosilane is deposited in the form of functional silicon layers, thus making it possible to activate individual pixels.

In addition, Evonik has created a new metal oxide semiconductor under the brand name iXsenic® which is applied in an innovative solvent-based coating process. This material completes the portfolio of semiconductors for display applications from Evonik Industries.

Fiber optic from high-purity special PMMA molding compound ensures even lighting over the entire screen. They are edge-lit by LEDs and are the key element of backlight units - the lighting modules of TFT LCD displays.