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We turn solar power into next generation energy. VESTAMID® is a high-performance specialty polyamide you will find since decades in the most demanding applications such as offshore oil pipelines and gas pipes as well as in automotive fuel lines and airbrake lines for trucks.

VESTAMID® combines unique properties such as an excellent chemical

resistance and the lowest water absorption of all polyamides with an outstanding mechanical performance in terms of impact resistance. Back sheets based on VESTAMID® can give solar modules lasting protection against environmental and weather conditions. 

Furthermore, VESTAMID® offers an environmentally friendly alternative to other protective layers used in the industry. At the end of life modules need to be recycled. On the one hand, VESTAMID® based back sheets are fully recyclable, since VESTAMID® is a thermoplastic. On the other hand, if the module components are recycled by incineration, VESTAMID® does not release toxic gases during combustion, and the acidification potential of the effluent gases is reduced by over 90% compared to fluorinated polymers. Therefore, the environmental footprint of VESTAMID® is much better than most other market options.

There are two different concepts of VESTAMID® based back sheets in the market – laminated back sheets as well as innovative coextruded back sheets. Evonik is offering VESTAMID® based thin films in order to protect the PET core and guarantee a proper adhesion to the encapsulation in laminated back sheet solutions as well as VESTAMID® raw materials for coextruded multi-layer back sheets. 

Both solutions provide a proven reliability since years of application at a competitive price/performance ratio. Depending on the specific structure, these back sheets offer various advantages compared to classical solutions, e.g. no melting phase during lamination or outdoor application, higher reflectivity increasing the modules efficiency, as well as environmentally friendly and easy to recycle back sheet solutions.

Furthermore, VESTAMID® based back sheets prevent any release of toxic gases and noxious substances during production, application as well as in case of fire. Evonik ensures maximum quality and availability for our customers around the globe and we support our partners to develop superior back sheet properties as well as innovative back sheet technologies worldwide.

PLEXIGLAS® is one of the world’s highest-quality and most versatile plastics. It can be provided with many different functional properties and surfaces. Are you looking for a material that is light-diffusing or light-focusing? One that offers high resistance to heat and UV radiation, or excellent scratch resistance? Take your pick!

At about half the weight of glass, PLEXIGLAS® offers 11 times its impact strength, and can even withstand hailstones. It can take rough treatment, and can be precisely machined and fabricated to fit your application. The PLEXIGLAS® Solar grade, with its selective UV transmission properties, is specially adapted to meet the requirements of solar and its associated environment. It provides excellent light transmission of over 92 % and superior weather ability, allowing our customers to meet required solar demands, while maintaining its properties over a long period of time. We provide a special guarantee for individual solar applications, in agreement with the respective customer.

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