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Protecting the solar cells and circuits against chemical and mechanical impact, encapsulants are key components in extending the life time of solar modules.

In addition, the encapsulant provides structural support and helps position the solar cell circuit. Used in the field for more than 25 years,

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is the standard encapsulation material, offering excellent processing properties and long-term module stability. 

Our crosslinker TAICROS® provides the following advantages:

  • reduction of cycle time -> cost savings, higher output

  • less bubble formation -> better module quality

  • higher transparency -> improved module performance

  • improved volume resistivity -> reduction of PID risk 

Dynasylan® functional silanes act as adhesion promoters between the inorganic glass or silicon layers and the EVA encapsulant layers of a solar module. Dynasylan® can easily be compounded into the EVA encapsulant film. Methacrylate functionalized silanes are an excellent solution for bonding the encapsulating film to glass substrates (front sheets and back sheets) and to solar cell layers. 

Aside from our front-runner Dynasylan® MEMO, with the newly developed alternative Dynasylan® SIVO 250 several technical challenges can be effectively surmounted. Our R&D specialists are continuously developing more efficient silane solutions to improve process efficiencies and shelf life of the EVA encapsulant film. Furthermore, epoxy and vinyl silanes have been successfully used to improve the properties of adhesives and sealants and cable insulations in the assembly of solar modules.

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