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Solar Power

We turn solar power into next generation energy. With decades of experience in silicon chemistry under its belt, Evonik supplies high-purity Siridion® chlorosilanes and monosilane for producing solar silicon and photoactive films in thin-film solar modules.

Moreover, Evonik keeps developing new processes for producing solar silicon at minimal cost, and thus for generating power from solar energy more cost-effectively. In this way, the company is making an important contribution to grid parity, meaning generating one’s own power costs the same as purchasing the power from the grid.

Siridion® is a synonym for 

  • Purity Siridion chlorosilanes (dichlorosilane, trichlorosilane, silicon tetrachloride, and hexachlorodisilane) and monosilane are used in the photovoltaics, fiber optics, semiconductor, and flat-panel display industries. Such pioneering application fields where the quality and performance of the end product depend on the absolute purity of its key component materials.

  • Cooperation Because our customers use cutting-edge processes and technologies, we appreciate the importance of both the quality and the availability of raw materials. The Evonik approach is to bridge with the customer’s organization and processes so that our expertise and infrastructure can add value to every stage of the supply and logistics chain, all the way to the actual application area for Siridion products. Close cooperation with Evonik accelerates development, optimizes manufacturing, and supports the customer’s core competencies.

  • Reliability To our customers, reliable product quality and on-time delivery are essential. The challenge facing the supplier is to deliver the same high quality every time – and in the required quantities. This kind of consistency can be achieved only through experience in manufacturing and proven production capabilities. Evonik ensures maximum availability and planning certainty at manufacturing sites around the globe, for direct delivery or around the corner in fence-to-fence operations. Zero-defect production and high quality analytics are meaningless without superior logistics. That’s what gives our customers the planning certainty they need.

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