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Solar Power

We turn solar power into next generation energy. As we are all aware, generating electricity from solar energy is good for the environment; but that alone is not enough. Solar power generation also has to be cost-effective.

In this context, it is crucial for sunlight to be directed towards a solar cell with high efficiency, without losing a large share of solar energy through absorption. This idea represents the hallmark of efficient solar systems, and places great demands on the material. PLEXIGLAS® is ideal for this purpose, with its low refractive index and extremely high light transmittance of over 92 %. The transmission properties of PLEXIGLAS® Solar are specially designed to meet the requirements of solar modules. 

To be more specific, PLEXIGLAS® Solar allows the solar cell to use the high-energy solar radiation region in the UV range (340 to 380 nanometers). At the same time, the material also provides the best possible protection for the module and the cell by blocking the harmful portion of UV radiation. Since PLEXIGLAS® is also weather resistant, the solar module can operate at high capacity for many years, meeting the demands of the solar industry and making a major contribution towards reducing power generation costs. Concentrating photovoltaics requires particularly high efficiency, due to the high precision Fresnel lenses that focus light associated with the technology. 

Here, PLEXIGLAS® offers precise mold surface reproduction as well as excellent transmission properties, and resistance to UV radiation and weathering. Not all Fresnel lenses are alike – the important factor is for the high-precision structures of the mold to be transferred to the finished part in order to obtain maximum optical efficiency. PLEXIGLAS® can be processed by all conventional injection molding, extrusion and injection compression molding processes to provide such lenses. Evonik also offers lenses and lens panels, and supports customers with individual lens design

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