Products & Solutions


Evonik Industries manufactures a range of products that can be found in almost all components of fiber-reinforced composites.

We supply core materials for sandwich construction, thermoplastic and thermosetting resin matrices, as well as the essential components for matrices such as crosslinkers, catalysts, impact strength modifiers or processing and process additives. Some of these products are used in sizings for glass or carbon fibers, and in adhesives for joining fiber-reinforced composites. 

Evonik's strength is diversity 

Our experts in fiber-reinforced composites think "systems," not "products". Even in cases of applications where products from their own department are not the material of choice, our experts involve the specialists from other departments to identify the optimal solution for the customer. According to the philosophy: when you work with us, you have the support of the entire team of specialists at Evonik. In short, you talk to one, you talk to all.


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