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Evonik is providing a broad range of technologies to serve the road construction industry. VESTENAMER® and TEGO® Addibit products provide solutions for today's requirements such as durability, reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and thus support sustainable road construction and maintenance.



Technical Advantages

Rubber modified bitumen/asphalt

The use of ground tire rubber (GTR) enhances the durability and performance of asphalt concrete pavements significantly. Processing is often challenging. A small addition of VESTENAMER® pellets dramatically overcomes the challenges, leading to an easier process mix. The improved handling and durability of asphalt rubber results in a reduction of maintenance costs.

TEGO® Addibit


Technical Advantages

Emulsifiers, adhesion promoter and stabilizers for asphalt and bituminous coatings

Our long proven TEGO® Addibit portfolio contains various additives for all important needs within the production of asphalt or bitumen based products and can support modern requirements of durability and reduction of emissions and energy consumption.

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