BREAK-THRU® - Additive technology for agrochemical formulations and for tank-mix applications


Products & Solutions

We provide specialty additives for the plant protection industry for use as tank mix adjuvant, as surfactants, dispersants, oil enhancers, spreaders, penetrants, emulsifiers and antifoams for pesticide formulations.

Our clear focus is enhancing the bio-delivery of active ingredients with benign additives. Since the introduction of our flagship product BREAK-THRU® S 240 in 1992, our focus was on tank-mix adjuvants. Today we provide various adjuvants to improve penetration, provide rain fastness, create deposits and much more. Drawing upon our in-house pool of surfactants and the in-depth knowledge of interfacial processes and technologies, we have expanded our product portfolio to include additional organomodified siloxanes and other specialties. Furthermore, our experienced staff of plant physiologists, agronomists and chemical experts links biology and chemistry.

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