Product story
May 27, 2019

Matte finish with silky skin feel

It seems that the era of “make up for other’s pleasure” has passed, and “make up for one’s own pleasure” is now standing in the trend among women from the 21st century instead. A delicate and elegant makeup not only gives you fine-looking facial features instantly, but also makes you feel energetic and full of self-confidence. For such an important “beautifying project”, no one would like to encounter caking, uneven colouring, or even a glossy finish. Therefore, in the numerous cosmetics notes posted on social networks, key words such as matt finish, easy spreading, uniform colour rendering and wrinkle filling often catch the readers' eyes in a moment, and purchasing desires emerge immediately. However, do you know that a new specialty silica presented by Evonik can help you with all those key words? ... MORE