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October 12, 2009

Fakuma: PLEXIGLAS® in Car Interiors: Freedom of Form and Color

  • Decorative applications for car interiors are all the fashion.
  • PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds add an exclusive and elegant touch to interiors, or a dash of color to trendy lifestyle décors.

Darmstadt – Chic, functional and colorful: PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds set new standards for automotive interior design. The Acrylic Polymers Business Line of Evonik Industries AG is presenting solutions and applications at the International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing, FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen, from October 13 to 17.

PLEXIGLAS® sets the scene for noble and functional design
While some like stylish elegance in a car, others prefer colorful décors. But everyone wants one thing: a high-quality interior that is attractive in terms of shape, color, functionality and ambience.

PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds, which have proved their worth for decades in the manufacture of non-transparent add-on car body components, are now providing the stuff of designer's dreams in interior design. The conceivable applications are as versatile as the properties of the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Evonik. From dashboards and central consoles, air vents and interior mirrors to doors and door handle bezels, PLEXIGLAS® frames, housings and decorative strips set the scene for noble and functional design.

Good surface properties and high economy
The amazingly low processing costs are just one of the additional benefits offered by PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for manufacturers and end users. Moreover, decorative PLEXIGLAS® surfaces are durable. Their high surface hardness and scratch resistance preserve component shape and gloss. The CoverForm® system solution ( is now also available to satisfy particularly stringent surface demands.

There is no limit to creative design that can be individually adjusted to suit every taste. Decorative parts made from PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds can be made in any shape and color. Polished molds provide seductively high surface gloss (Class A), whereas textured molds offer excellent mold surface reproduction of fine structures. Minor scratches that are unavoidable can be easily removed by polishing to restore the part's original gloss. The pleasant feel of decorative PLEXIGLAS® parts exudes an aura of warmth, and the parts are indeed warm to the touch.

Added to this is the economy of processing colored PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds. There is no need to coat or laminate the plastics parts. This reduces component costs by up to 40 percent because the plastic part is ready for installation as soon as it leaves the mold.

And finally, the environment can also breathe a sigh of relief. PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds can be completely recycled, and decorative parts made from this material are free from formaldehyde, phthalates, ketones and amines.

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