K 2016

Odor-reducing fiber made from bio-based Polyamide.

Trendily dressed. Naturally!

Odor-reducing fiber made from bio-based Polyamide.

Ever since "nylons", we've known that synthetic materials can be worn. But naturally based ones – that's something new: In cooperation with Fulgar, an Italian fiber manufacturer, Evonik has developed innovative high-performance polyamide fibers that are 100 per cent bio-based and combine maximum wearing comfort with unsurpassed performance.

The fibers of the brand name EVO® are extremely light, elastic, and breathable. Processed into high-quality fabrics, they have an odor-reducing effect thanks to their inherent bacteriostatic characteristics. In addition, they dry quickly and require no ironing. The fibers are produced from VESTAMID® Terra, which is obtained 100 per cent from the seeds of the castor bean plant.



Press release: Evonik brings the "Kö" into the exhibition halls of K 2016