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Light diffusion and color mixing.

Light and color

Light diffusion and color mixing

For esthetic reasons and especially in premium vehicles, the current trend for rear lamps is that they should most often be uniformly illuminated. The illuminant, now mainly in the form of LEDs, should be invisible. This is why well-known OEMs use light-diffusing PLEXIGLAS® Satinice molding compounds in some models. The advantage is that special diffuser particles guide the light uniformly across the entire surface of the component, entirely without unwanted hotspots.

Thanks to these specialty products, moreover, designers no longer need to allow for slots for white or yellow covers for reversing lights and turn indicators because these light functions are produced by subtractive color mixing. The outer rear lamp cover is backed by covers of different colors. When illuminated, the required color impression is obtained, such as the yellow of the turn indicator; when not illuminated, the cover appears homogeneously red.