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Evonik Loves Smart Approaches.


Evonik Loves Smart Approaches.

Triacetonamine (TAA) and its derivatives are important intermediates for polymer additives. They are used as building blocks for Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (H.A.L.S.) in modern UV stabilizers.

Applications are e.g. automotive parts, artificial turfs or greenhouse films.

TAC and TAICROS® are coagents for peroxide or electron beam crosslinking of rubbers, e.g. EPDM, HNBR, EVA, CPE, TPE and polymers like PE, PVC, PA and PBT. Mechanical, thermal and aging properties of the polymers are enhanced.

Applications are pipes and hoses in automotive applications, heat shrink tubes, floor heating pipes, cable insulations, foams and shoe soles, encapulants for photovoltaic modules, sealings and damping materials.

1,7-Octadiene and 1,2,4-TVCH serve as a crosslinking chemicals for polyolefins like PE and PP. The use of such crosslinked polymers is very broad, e.g. in ion exchange resins, isolation material in cables, in the field of food packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


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