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R&D Press Conference on June 21, 2016

Kunststoff, Medizintechnik, Labor, Mann, Granulat

Researching into new solutions:

In the Medical Devices Project House in Birmingham (Alabama, USA) Evonik is developing improved materials for medical devices. The photo shows an employee filling an extruder with polymer granulate.

Polymersysteme, Entwicklung, Labor

Development of new polymer systems:

Small test strips are prepared to perform the first mechanical tests on new polymer systems in Evonik’s Medical Devices Project House.

Medizinisches Implantat

From granulate to implant:

Evonik develops polymers with targeted application properties. Manufacturers of medical devices use these to produce implants such as screws.


Evonik’s eleventh Project House:

In the Medical Devices Project House in Birmingham (Alabama, USA) more than 20 Evonik employees research new system solutions for medical devices, particularly for applications in implant technology. Project houses are research facilities with a deliberately limited lifespan. They are part of Creavis, Evonik’s strategic innovation unit.