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We empower our customers to grow worldwide.

Energy & Utilities

For the processing industry, the supply of energy is just as important as the supply of raw materials. As energy costs contribute considerably to the competitiveness of a company, experts of Energy & Utilities rely on energies which they can generate, obtain and distribute against a solid background of economic efficiency, security of supply and environmental sustainability. Moreover, our experts dispose of waste, waste water and exhaust gases professionally and environmentally friendly.

Technical Service

The Business Line Technical Service supports the production processes of its customers with an extensive service range. Our experts contribute to value preservation of industrial plants, with their many years of experience and solid knowledge.

Process Technology & Engineering

As a group-wide provider of innovative technologies and engineering services, Process Technology & Engineering supports its customers from the project idea to the realization of complex investment projects. The entire bandwidth of competent engineering services is bundled in interdisciplinary teams made up of experienced engineers and university graduates. Whether future-proof new investments or economic performance optimization - the project teams guide global customers competently and with cost transparency.


Whether you are dealing with the coordination of global goods flows, the efficient use of infrastructure resources or ensuring safe transports and warehousing - logistics always play a role, if not the decisive role. From raw material receipt, warehousing, processing by forwarding agents and shipping of chemical products, the experts of this business line take care of all services in the logistics process chain.

Site Management

The Business Line Site Management offers its site customers support in many service areas as well as efficient solutions from one source. In addition to a well-developed and powerful infrastructure with reliable raw material supply, intact transportation routes and customer-specific building equipments, important service packages for successful site management are part of the extensive range of services.