R&D is driven forward by Creavis, our strategic innovation unit. Working closely with the segments, Creavis is engaged in research into new technologies.

Creavis concentrates on mid- and long-term innovation projects that support Evonik’s growth and sustainability strategy and provide access to new business options. In addition, it identifies future-oriented topics and acts as an internal incubator for Evonik. Work on innovation projects of a crossorganizational nature is organized in project houses.

Experts from the organizational units involved in a project house normally work together for a period of three years on the project house’s development topics. Since April 2018, the Medical Devices project house has been driving forward seven promising projects as a competence center within the Health Care business line. The newly established Tissue Engineering project house located at the R&D hub in Singapore is currently working on new solutions to grow living cells on a scaffold material. Its work supports the Healthcare Solutions innovation growth field. The aim is to develop materials for biological implants for medical applications.

Since the start of 2018, Evonik and Siemens have been working together on artificial photosynthesis through the “Rheticus” project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science. The aim is to use electricity from renewable resources and bacteria to convert carbon dioxide into specialty chemicals. A first pilot plant is under construction at our site in Marl (Germany).