At the Lenzing site Evonik Fibres GmbH produces Polyimide P84® that is used for manufacturing polyimide fibers for hot-gas filtration, seals and insulations.

Lenzing is Evonik’s only production site for polyimides. In Schörfling the Group produces hollow fiber membranes for efficient gas upgrading and separation, which are marketed as SEPURAN®. Evonik is a global leader in polymer design for membrane-based separation technologies and has over the years developed a number of different membrane systems for efficient gas separation: SEPURAN® Green for biogas upgrading, SEPURAN® N2 for obtaining nitrogen from air, and SEPURAN® Noble for separation and purification of helium and hydrogen.

Lenzing and Schörfling are located in Upper Austria close to the Attersee. The two sites are only five kilometers apart. The Lenzing site is integrated into the chemical park of Lenzing AG, from which Evonik Fibres GmbH originated. The production of polyimide fibers started at the Lenzing site in 1985, in the course of research work. The polyimide fiber P84® shows high filtration efficiency and thermic and chemical stability. These properties constitute a unique selling point in the hot gas filtration market. After the polyimide segment was sold to Inspec in 1996 and the takeover of the Inspec Group by Laporte was completed successfully in 1998 the production of P84® came under the umbrella of Degussa in 2001. The Lenzing site was named Evonik Fibres GmbH in 2006. At the same time, the production facility for P84® NT powder came into operation. 

In 2010 a second site opened at Schörfling: Ever since, the post treatment of P84® polyimide fibers has taken place here. In addition, the technical center of Sepuran® production is located here. At the end of 2012, the new hollow fiber spinning plant became operational, increasing the production capacity for Sepuran® modules significantly. 

About 100 employees work at the Lenzing/Schörfling sites. Evonik Fibres GmbH belongs to the Performance Polymers Business Unit.

Evonik Fibres GmbH


Werkstraße 3
AT-4860 Lenzing

Gewerbepark 4
AT-4861 Schörfling

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