Antwerp, Belgium



Evonik Industries operates eleven production facilities at its chemical site in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Among other complexes, the 109-hectare facility houses the world’s largest plant for producing methionine, an essential amino acid. The site has kept growing since it was officially established in 1970. Antwerp is one of Evonik’s largest production sites and employs some 1,000 people in the Chemicals Business Area. The site is known particularly for its excellent infrastructure. The seaport is a logistical advantage for the site, which is also easily reachable by rail and road.


Antwerp manufactures products for a wide variety of applications. They include raw materials used to produce silicone for the electronics and communication industry as well as solar cells.

Evonik’s products are used as binders in printing inks, paints, and coatings. In addition, the Antwerp site produces raw materials for the tire industry (e.g., materials that improve tire traction on smooth surfaces), for bleaching agents used in cellulose, paper, and packaging, and for environmentally compatible herbicides employed in agriculture.