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Caring for Stubble

If men want their facial hair to be well-groomed rather than scruffy, beard care is a must. Evonik supplies cosmetics firms with a raw material mix for shampoos that cleans and conditions designer stubble, full beards, and everything in between.

Through the millenia, beards have become unfashionable again and again. But they have never completely gone out of fashion. These days, the beard is making a comeback. Thanks to trends such as the hipster culture, beards are now socially acceptable. According to estimates, one in three men in Germany sports a beard. And well-groomed facial hair has always been considered a sign of masculinity.

The problem: Most of the shampoos and conditioners for men that are available on the market have been developed for normal hair and are not necessarily suitable for facial hair. Facial hair is thicker and more wiry than the hair on our heads and split ends are more prevalent in facial hair. Also, the skin beneath a beard tends to be drier. To meet the demanding requirements of beard grooming and facial hair care, Evonik has developed a special formulation concept. “Our experts have taken account of the special wishes of consumers and have come up with advanced formulations for cleaning, conditioning and care of beard hair,” says Tammo Boinowitz, head of the Personal Care Business Line.

Evonik has developed a special formulation concept for the manufacturers of beard care products
Evonik has developed a special formulation concept for the manufacturers of beard care products

The highlight of the new developments is an enhanced all-in-one concept: A shampoo and shower oil for hair, beard, and body, which combines the advantages of shampoo, beard care and shower oil. The conditioning oil formulation forms a light foam and gently cleanses the hair and beard without drying them out. An oil-replenishing shampoo balm ensures adequate moisturizing. “Our beard care concept is an excellent example of our pro-active recognition of consumer needs. We have greatly increased our investment of resources in the analysis of trends,” Tammo Boinowitz points out. “Our customers can look out for many more similar developments in the future.”