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  • Active Oxygens [Produktlinie mit 1 Produkten]
  • Hairflux®

    Hairflux® is a bio-inspired Hair and Scalp Care ingredient, combining relevant Sphinganine-based Ceramides and natural oils to achieve mild and well tolerated efficacy. Hairflux® is the best in class multifunctional olive-based Ceramide, for the care of both-hair and scalp, with proven efficacy on different types of damage hair and affected scalp.

  • Healthberry®

    Healthberry® 865 is a scientifically backed natural berry extract derived from wild Scandinavian bilberries and blackcurrants grown in New Zealand. It builds on the beneficial properties of anthocyanins:

    • Risk reduction of heart diseases
    • Diabetes prevention
    • Strengthening of the cognitive and brain functions
    • Support of the nervous system and visual acuity
    Healthberry® 865 targets several aspects of cardiovascular disease (CVD) pathologies:
    • LDL cholesterol reduction and HDL cholesterol increase
    • Anti-inflammatory effects
    • Antioxidant effects
    • Improvement of vascular function and blood flow
    • Improvement of glucose metabolism

  • Heptyltriphenylphosphoniumbromid
  • Herbapurifine®

    Herbapurifine® is a natural active complex targeting blemished and impure skin. It unites the powerful properties of several natural herbs and supports the skin’s natural regulation of sebum production.

  • Hexamethylen-bis-triacetondiamin

    Baustein für hocheffiziente Licht Stabilisatoren

  • Hexyltriphenylphosphoniumbromid
  • Highly potent API

    Evonik can supply complex substances from grams to tons, with up to seven different HPAPI steps to be manufactured in parallel:

    • A total capacity of 170m3 across two different sites in the U.S. and Europe
    • Main site Tippecanoe Laboratories, Lafayette, IN, U.S.
    • From lab scale up to 8,000l reactor volume
    • OEL down to 0.1μg/m3 (large-scale)
    • Small-scale production unit for ultra-HPAPI with an OEL down to 0.05μg/m3

  • HyaCare® [Produktlinie mit 4 Produkten]
  • HYBRIDUR [Produktlinie mit 5 Produkten]
  • Silica [Produktlinie mit 5 Produkten]
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