Press release
July 2, 2015

Evonik launches a new developmental surface-treated titanium dioxide

Evonik is the leading producer of sub-pigmentary fumed titanium dioxide with a global production footprint and a broad line-up of grades including surface modified and granulated titanium dioxide products as well as dispersions. We are continuously striving to enhance and expand our product portfolio. Hence we are proud to introduce our latest developmental titanium dioxide grade VP NKT 65.
VP NKT 65 is a novel hydrophobic sub-pigmentary fumed titanium dioxide (TiO2) grade, which is surface treated with an alkylsilane.
VP NKT 65 has been primarily developed as cost-efficient additive to improve flow and charge properties of toner, plastics, and polymer powders. In particular, it provides good charge stability to toner formulations under different environmental conditions. VP NKT 65 is characterized by a weak negative triboelectric charge. Furthermore, it shows excellent dispersibility and prevents caking of dry toner and other powder formulations. Other applications could include UV filter and / or refractive index modulator for optoelectronic applications, displays, and films. Our development product VP NKT 65 is complimenting the already well established titanium dioxide (TiO2) grades of Evonik such as AEROXIDE® TiO2 P 25, AEROXIDE® TiO2 T 805 and AEROXIDE® TiO2 NKT 90.

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