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Materia Inc. Takes License from Evonik for Metathesis Catalyst Products to Lift US Federal District Court’s Permanent Injunction Order

Evonik Industries AG, Essen (Germany) with its Business Line Catalysts has won a seven years long patent litigation in a January 2017 jury trial...

Evonik obtains patent for 3-step membrane process for efficient gas separation in Europe

The European Patent Office has granted Evonik Fibres GmbH, based in Schörfling (Austria), a patent for a three-stage process for membrane-based purification of biogas and natural gas.

Performing at the limit: Evonik presents new VESTAMID® molding compound for applications in professional sports

Evonik has developed a new high-performance plastic for demanding applications in professional sports.
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Evonik increases prices for VESTAMIN® IPD

Evonik is raising the prices for its isophorone diamine, offered under the brand name VESTAMIN® IPD by 10% on a global basis.
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New brand profile for Evonik Silica

The Silica experts get a uniform design

Since Evonik’s takeover of JM Huber’s silica business in September 2017 ...
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Global price increase for Dynasylan® and Protectosil®

The Silane Business Line of Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH will be raising sales prices globally for their Organofunctional Silanes being marketed under the brands Dynasylan® and Protectosil®. The prices will be adjusted on average eight percent depending on the product from October 15th 2017, or as contracts allow.